An overview of The Learning Web is held on Thursday morning of the NETA Conference in April. The slideshow below (or a similar version) is used to provide team members an overview of The Learning Web (TLW) full year cycle. If team members missed the meeting or if summer institutes would like to review the cycle, the downloadable presentation is provided below:

Key Points from the presentation:
  • TLW is a full year project that begins and ends at the NETA Conference
  • Members attend the 2-day NETA conference for idea gathering
  • Team members attend a 2-day summer institute to explore best practices and plan a project
  • A project is planned in the summer and carried out during the upcoming school year
  • NETA conference #2 is for presenting and sharing the completed project
  • Each team has an ESU assigned facilitator that helps with the planning process and coordination
  • Each team selects a team leader to serve as a communication link with the faciliator
  • Each ESU from across the state may select one team for participation