iPad Basics ~ Customizing the Home Screencustom-home.png

iPad users can customize the placement of applications on the home screen--including the ones located in the "dock."

To Begin Customizing Your Home Screen:
1. Turn on your device.

2. On the Home Screen tap and hold on any application icon until they begin to “jiggle” and you can see an “x” in the top left corner. (see the device home screen at right with an “x” in each corner of the apps)

3. Once the application icons are jiggling, you can delete an application by tapping the “x” in the top left corner. A prompt window will appear confirming you want to delete the app. Confirmation will remove the app from the iPad.

4. While the app icons are still jiggling, you can drag the “jiggling app icons” anywhere on the screen/page, to the dock or even to another screen/page by dragging left or right.screendots.png
  • The other apps will “scoot” out of the way to make way for the new placement---try it!
  • You can create up to 11 screens of application icons
  • The dots above the “dock” indicate how many screens you currently have and which one you are on.
  • Your “dock” can hold up to six apps (even though it begins with four—safari, mail, photo gallery, music)
5. To accept the changes and stop the application icons from wiggling, press the home button once.

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