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Background Information:
  • Description: This page will focus on "feeding your iPad" with apps that can be used at all grade levels and curricular areas. Apps will be shared and demonstrate in workshops and then participants will have an opportunity to spend time with each app. The handouts below have been updated to include QR Codes that can be scanned to download the app.

iPad Apps Book Download:
  • Description: The link below will allow you to "download" an iBooks that was created using iBook Author by technology team members from ESU#10, #9 & #3. We are sharing this book with other Learning Web Teams at area service units so that they can use it in their summer institute trainings. Enjoy
  • Download File Link Below: (it is a big file) https://www.dropbox.com/s/y096bv5hbxw1qxw/LWT_iBook_Apps_Book_copy.ibooks

Apps & Integration Ideas Shared:

  • Safari: Safari is the web browser that comes preloaded on your iPad. There are other web browsers available that you can experiment with later, but you will want to become familiar with Safari and the way that the web browser works on the iPad--it is a little different than what you routinely use on your laptop and their are differences in the way Safari works with the differentsafariappicon.jpgiPad operating systems (iOS 4 & iOS 5)

  • Scan: Scan is an iOS app that reads QR Codes. QR Stands for "Quick Reference" and if you haven't been exposed to QR Codes and how they can be used in the classroom you are missing out. This page on the wiki will give a brief overview on how to Scan QR Codes with your iPad and how to create a QR Code for use in the classroom.scanicon.jpg

  • Show Me: Show Me is a free app from Easel that allows the user to record
    showme_app.jpgvoice overwhiteboard tutorials and share them online with others.

Notes from Greg's Smackdown

  • Idea Sketch - is an app that can be used with students to create graphic organizers to help them brainstorm and organize their thoughts. It is a free app with a $3.99 upgrade option that provides more shapes, colors, themes, and fonts as well as iCloud syncing. Within this app the user is able to view the graphic organizer in both an outline and diagram view. With each bubble of the diagram the user can add a description with notes. They can also choose the color and type of shape for each bubble. There are also options to share the organizer via email or Facebook.

  • Bamboo Paper - use for compare/contrast chart - use stylus or finger to write notes At top of screen there are tools to allow you to save to notebook, email or save to photos. Free version allows you to save one notebook, but you can have over 100 pages. $1.99 version will give you multiple notebooks, which could allow students to organize notes by subject area. There are also options to color code your notebooks, and to choose different types of paper such as graph paper, music score, lined paper, etc.

  • Evernote - Use as portfolio where students do work in Evernote, or export to Evernote, then students share notebooks with teacher to submit work. You can tag notes with keywords to make them easily searchable. Click in the note, then type in note, add photo, audio, etc. Example: When students meet a goal in reading, you could do an audio recording of the student reading, add a photo and type up a brief note to email as one document to parents. Creating a lot of good will between the school and parents.

Learn More:
App Lists & Updated Information on Apps available at: http://esu3apps.wikispaces.com