Outline For Team Meetings

  • Recorder fills out date and attendance on team meeting log
  • Facilitator reviews the results of the previous meeting and goals/purposes for this one
  • Involve everyone in the meeting
  • Stay on Track. Keep a list of “side” issues to deal with later
  • Review any side issues and decide to discuss, delegate or dismiss
  • Summarize meeting for recorder to write in “reflection” section of the team log
  • Set purpose and goals for the next meeting
  • Make assignments

General Goals:
  • To integrate Marzano’s strategies with technology
  • To create a project that keeps students
    at the center
  • To document plans for the integration of
    the project during the 2009-2010 school year

Guiding Questions:
  • What did we learn about Marzano’s Strategies and
    how we use them in the curriculum?
  • How will we use what we've learned in our classroom?
  • What do you want to share with your administrator
    at the end of the second day of the institute?

Notebook Materials

Team Meeting Guidelines

MS Word Document, page 25 of Notebook)

Blank Team Meeting Logs

(MS Word Document, Page 27-29 of Notebook)

Administrator Meeting Checklist

(MS Word Document, Page 30 of Notebook)

Team Meeting Checklist

(MS Word Document, Page 26 of Notebook)

Project Tasks Sheet

(MS Word Document, Page 31 of Notebook)

Project Timeline

(MS Word Document, Page 32 of Notebook)

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