The Learning Web institute will provide an opportunity for participants to develop curriculum
projects that both integrate technology and incorporate Marzano’s strategies for increasing
student achievement. This institute provides educators with:
  • a forum for study & reflection on technology integration into existing curriculum
  • guided development of an action plan to implement the new learning strategies
  • support during the year-long implementation of that plan


Phase 1: Exploration

Phase one of The Learning Web (TLW) is an organizational meeting and attendance at the NETA Conference where teachers will gather ideas for possible projects in their classrooms.

Phase 2: Research & Planning
Phase two is a two-day summer institute to be held regional at ESU's across the state. Teachers will learn and participate in activities relative to Marzano’s strategies for increasing student achievement. The second day will be coordinated with your ESU facilitator and team leader. For some teams, this might be the next day and for others it will be scheduled to meet the needs of the team. The two-day summer institute will provide educators with practical expertise on integrating Marzano’s strategies within a technology/curriculum project.

Phase 3: Training and Implementation
Phase three will consist of follow-up trainings and meetings as needed during the upcoming school year as team members implement the project plan in their classrooms. Teams will then present their project at NETA (next year) in a poster session.

Phase 4: Sharing
Phase four is the final step in the cyclical process where TLW team attends NETA (next year) and shares their project as a poster session at the conference.

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